Open Daily 1:00pm – 4:00am
Waterworks Pub, 76 Central Avenue, Albany, NY 12206
[email protected] | 518-465-9079

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LGBTQ+ Bar & Nightclub FAQs

Acceptable forms of Identification

A valid (non-expired) driver’s license or non-driver identification card issued by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, the Federal Government, a State Government, Commonwealth, Possession or Territory of the United States or a Provincial Government of Canada; or a valid U.S. passport, or valid passport of any other country; or a valid military ID from the U.S. (Section 65-b.2(b) – ABC Law). Expired Driver’s Licenses are accepted with the NYS issued temporary renewal Card, you must have both.

Non-Acceptable forms of Identification

School, College or University IDs, Employment IDs, Benefit Cards, Credit Cards, Membership Cards, County Sheriff IDs, NYC ID Cards, Photocopies of IDs and Expired IDs are all NOT valid forms of Identification for the purchase of alcohol.

Waterworks Pub allows the entry of a limited number of people under 21 and over the age of 18. Patrons under 21 must present Valid ID, pass a Breathalyzer test and will be required to wear a Wristband and have their Hands marked with both visible and invisible bio-degradable hypoallergenic blacklight responsive ink.

Patrons under 21 are not permitted to sit, stand or socialize at any of our bar service areas. At the discretion of management this policy can be canceled or modified without notice. Anyone violating this policy, drinking or altering their under 21 markings will be removed from the premises and banned until they are 21.

We are open from 1:00pm to 4:00am, 365 days a year, but there are certain holidays and special occasions for which we may open earlier or later than regularly scheduled. We do our best to list this on the website and social media whenever possible.

Waterworks Pub typically has a cover charge in place on weekend nights when The Club on our second floor is open, for special events or if you are under the age of 21. The cover charge may vary, include or not include required coat check for different events or occasions. This policy is set by Management and may not be altered by our door staff.

For the Safety and protection of our customers, we have a Mandatory Coat & Bag Check policy in effect on our busier nights. (typically, Thursday, Friday, Saturdays or when the dance floor is open). The definition of articles of clothing & bags required to be checked is at the discretion of management.

All bags, purses, coats and packages will be inspected prior to entry. NO Weapons of ANY kind (including but not limited to mace, pepper spray, knives, sharp objects, bats, clubs, tasers, etc), Illegal Substances, Outside Food or Beverages, Glass or Metal containers are allowed in Waterworks Pub.

In addition to coats, bags and large purses must be checked into Coat Check, (typically larger than approx., 12” x 14”). Waterworks staff will determine which coats, bags and purses must be checked in. Not responsible for articles checked, contents of articles checked, for any item left overnight or lost coat check tickets.

Examples of Items that must be checked

Examples of Items that typically do not have to be checked.

Waterworks Pub does not have its own parking area, however we are located right next to Albany City Parking Lot #2 on Central Ave. There are also additional City Parking lots within a few blocks of our location at 76 Central Ave. Nearby Street Parking on Central Ave, Washington Ave., Center Square and in Washington Park is subject to any of the fees rules, hours and restrictions posted by the City of Albany.

We do have an ATM located on our first floor next to the bar and pool table.

We proudly accept all major credit cards as well as Cash. We do not run open-ended tabs and require a pre-authorized credit or debit card to leave your check open while you are here. Please have your preferred method of payment ready when ordering.

We DO NOT accept CashApp, Venmo or PayPal for any reason! If you are asked to pay or tip our food, door or bartending staff by these methods please notify management immediately, email [email protected] or call 518-465-9079 and ask to speak with a manager.   It is still legal and OK to tip our Drag entertainment by these methods.

From time to time customers may have questions about charges and how they show on their banking applications and statements. For many financial institutions (banks), you may see multiple pending charges each time your card is run. Our POS system authorizes and charges your Credit/Debit card in the following ways

  • Door Charges – Door & Coat Check Charges paid with Credit or Debit Cards are separate transactions.
  • Pre-Authorization – When you open a check for the evening, our system pre-authorizes your card for a small amount, this will show as a Pending charge (hold) on your account. Depending on your financial institution (Bank), the pending pre-auth transaction will either be updated with the settled check amount, or show as a separate transaction from the settled check amount and will reverse off your pending transactions list in 72 business hours.
  • Settled Checks – When you settle your check, whether it be for each drink or at the end of the night, our POS system will charge your account for that check amount. Depending upon your financial institution and account type, this amount can will either replace the pending pre-auth charge or show as a separate pending transaction at your bank.
  • Tip Amount – At the end of our bartenders shifts, they enter in any Credit/Debit card tips you left into our POS system. The POS re-authorizes the Settled Check Amount PLUS the Tip. Depending on your Financial Institution, this may show as a separate pending transaction. The original pending check amount (pre-tip) will age off as a pending transaction and be removed by your bank within 72 business hours. This is not a function of our POS system, this is a function of your financial institution and the national Shift4 Credit Card Processors.

Adjustment Transactions – If it necessary to make changes to a check while you are still here, or of a mis-keyed tip amount is corrected, these also may show as separate pending transaction with your bank and typically age off and are removed within 72 business hours.

Our POS system has NO control over how your financial institution handles pending transactions or holds to your account. It is also not possible for our system to adjust your card after you have left with your card or to reopen posted checks and adjust any discrepancies the next day without you and your card present.

The County, City of Albany, State of New York, and the CDC have all relaxed Covid Restrictions and we are no longer required to wear masks or check for vaccination status. Waterworks Pub respects anyone’s choice to continue to wear their mask and we encourage everyone to be fully vaxed and boosted.

Waterworks Pub VIP cards are exclusively given to guests that have caught the attention of waterworks staff and/or management in a positive and consistent manner. We appreciate and value our guests who have continued to support waterworks with welcoming energy and friendly consistent vibes over the years. If you exhibit these qualities and are noticed by waterworks staff, a manager may just reach out to you with a VIP application!

Pro Tip – If you want a VIP card avoid being rude, douchey, and leaving without paying for things – those are dealbreakers for us.

Waterworks VIP cards are not based on how much a guest spends; and cannot be purchased/bought and have no cash value.

In order to get in touch with Lost & Found, please call 518-465-9079 after 1:00pm and ask for help with Lost & Found.

Waterworks Pub is an amazing, fast paced, high energy and fun place to work. A good number of our staff proudly enjoy their positions for many years. Service related new hires typically don’t start as bartenders. New hires begin training as a barback and move into mid-week bartending shifts as they become available.

Employment inquires can be emailed to [email protected] or you can visit our Facebook page and apply for any positions we have listed.